Minda (mindaroth) wrote in realisticlolita,

Bash the loli like a cute little pinata, baby.

Okay, because I can’t let positive space be the only one brave enough to do this, I’m putting myself up on the block. I also intend to put this up on the EGL community, just to see what the difference between response is.

I made this dress with a modified gosu rori pattern, drafted by aurorajasmine. She is good at things like that. Rmm..lesse..Self Critique:

- I am fat. I am aware of this. Tell me if you want, but it’s not like I didn’t notice before.
- My shoes don’t go at all, but Rora put my cute ones somewhere in my closet, and I didn’t feel like digging them out.
- The picture sucks. Gonna get some really nice ones at Ushicon, but I wanted feedback before then.

Have fun!
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