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OMGZ! U look so great!! <3<3 I <3 the skirt u r fabulous, kitty =^o^=

☆☆☆ Do you want to try lolita style? Do you want people to be honest about whether or not you look like shit? Look, I probably don't know you personally, but I can pretty much assume that if you've posted pictures on any other lolita community, no one has had the balls to tell you you look awful (assuming you did, which, let's face it, you probably did).

The only way someone can learn to really look good in a style is to get good, honest criticism from people who (hopefully) know what they're talking about. So look no further than here! We'll let you know about your makeup, clothes, shoes, hair -- everything. You've most likely been being lied to at other communities, so join here and get some real advice.

Note: There are about 8000 posts every day on EGL about where to get lolita clothes. Please look there for the answers. This is a place to post your pictures/ideas about lolita and have real people not feed you a line of bullshit about how everything is perfect.

If you can stand the heat, welcome! ♪♪♪ Remember: It's all for your own good!

OMGZ kitty, im sorry to tell u but you really need to lose a few pounds b4 you dress in a strange adult-sized baptism gown with horrible clashing vinyl stilletto heels, sry! =^o^=

OMGZ kitty, using lobster print fabric to make a BSSB-style stress is totally a bad idea, but i think you can probably make urself useful and get hit by a train! =^o^=