Ruka (ashna) wrote in realisticlolita,

Hey there Loli's and gents and all that jazz.

I give you... my picture. An outfit I had designed and had made. My design so really not much was the seamstress other than making the patern to my specifications.

I know my first mistake was making the obi straight And not reinforced. I'm a curvy girl and it kept ridding up and down. UU;; Any sujestions on alternatives/alterations would be nice.

The skirt... bugs me for some reason. Yet I can't figure out what. I know the under skirt's hem doesn't hang quite right. but the over skirt is... weird somehow.

I guess I want more structure to it. No petti coats though since I want a less little girly look and more couture/extreme fashion style than cutsey lolita. I prefer ega/egl styles. I want this to be elegant.

and for the make-up peoples. This was a disaster. I can pull off the dark colors easily but I need some help with this wig to NOT look washed/drunk out but I don't always want the red lipstick gwen stephani thing I do with my own shorter hair. And I was this side of over heated.. so ignore the red face. ^^;;

clarice sujested the aysemetrical plais didn't go well witht he skirt. And I agree. UU;; *sad* What would people think of a LONG skirt. Wrap style like a kimono but bustled at the back and dragging out a bit? Think it would look bette rna dstill be nice and dramatic and go with the plaid. *if they have any left!*

Also... if I can't find the plaid again. What would people just in replacement fabric to go with the top?
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