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Sefie [Up Late for a Sun Cleric]

Opinions, please!

With anniechan's birthday coming up in a week, I'm at a complete loss as to what to wear. I don't have the excuse of this being my first GothLoli event anymore, and there looks like there's going to be a lot more people than last time >_<

Things to note are:
- everything in both outfits is the same, except for the shirt.
- the hat is unfinished, and needs a hat band. I'm considering adding a little felt bat shape to the band, too.
- the capelet is too "boxy", and should have the shoulders more sloped

Option One:

- It's not all black
- It's supposed inspired by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

- I don't have my GLB to refer to to make sure everything's all right with it
- I still need to shorten the shirt and make it more fitted - it still makes me look a heck of a lot chunkier than I actually am

Option Two:

- It's all complete and doesn't need any more modification
- It's inspired by a random dollfie pic I saw once, and I have that pic to refer to
- The skirt has a cute bow in the back
- The shirt has cute points in the front

- It's all blaaaack (this isn't actually a problem for [i]me[/i], but apparently it's too "goth" and not "lolita" at all)
- My camera couldn't pick up the details of the shirt or bow on skirt at all

Please, I don't want people to comment to just say "it's cute", or whatever - I actually want to know specifically what should be changed, or exactly why you prefer one to the other.

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