antebellica (antebellica) wrote in realisticlolita,

my first lolita outfit

this is my first lolita dress that i didnt actually buy from a thrift store. i have owned this for two years? i was told that it looked like a costume, and even though i have been apart of the lolita community for many years, i dont know if they are right or wrong? i think they maybe right because it has abit of ita lace at the top. what do you think? (never mind that horrifying picture of me)
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I think it's because of the hat with it tbh.

Coordinate it differently.
I agree, coordinate it differently.
actually I think the "you" in the picture is VERY nice! perhaps the outfit is a little pain, but as i am both new and NOT a snob, I like certain parts of it. I think the socks and shoes are great with it. I think the over all dress is ok but could use more decoration either more lace or thicker lace. I would replace the hat with a large bow and add a lace neck thing (black).